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  Of course not every night can be mind blowing sex and we have all been through that stage where sex has just simply become extremely boring.

No matter what kind of kinky shit or boring sex you’re into. There is always something more you can do to make it exciting and interesting.

Number 1:

Light Bondage

You don’t have to go buy crazy whips and handcuffs. All you need is something that will turn into a blindfold, or a piece of clothing that you can use to tie her up to the bed. Most men love to be dominant in the bedroom but letting her take control can make things interesting as well.

Number 2:


Sometimes your hard cock or smooth tongue is just not enough to please her. Try involving some small finger vibrators or a vibrating cock ring that will pleasure you as well into the mix.

Number 3:

Whipped Cream with Strawberries

Food and sex ?  I say FUCK ya. Get yourself a canned of whipped cream and her favourite fruit. You can lick or let her do the licking, it’s a win win.

Number 4:

Try new locations

Sometimes its just a matter of fucking on the same furniture, bed or bedroom that irritates the shit out of you. Get out! Go fuck in the car or the office, do something spontaneous that will cause a spark again.

Number 5:

Watch porn

Believe it or not, most women also enjoy watching porn. Definitely not as much as men but they will get turned on by lesbian porn or whatever it is that they’re into. Try it out, turn on some kinky shit if that’s what shes into.

Number 6:


Lots of us men just want to go in, bust a nut and pass out. If you want to have fun, you got to try a little bit harder and put in some effort. Making out, rubbing, stroking and even biting are some of the things you can try out to slow it down and make the main event more exciting.


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